100% community funded for 25 years!


Our mission at Reach Out Lakota is to give a helping hand up to those living in West Chester/Liberty Township by putting help and hope into the hands of our community

Our vision is to continue to give a hand up to those in need throughout West Chester and Liberty Township, all the while continuing to raise awareness of our organization and grow our programs to better serve our clients. By being 100% community-based and funded, raising awareness of our outreach, programs and resources is a necessity to enable us to best serve those in need. As we continue to grow our programs such as our annual Back to School Fair, Thanksgiving meal distribution and Christmas Toy/Meal distribution, we are also creating new and innovative initiatives to better serve our clientele base. Through required classes, each client must participate and complete a required set of hours meeting and learning from individuals in financial, insurance, emergency and workforce services. This helps all clients better understand the services available in our community and lay a solid foundation to build upon going forward. Our hope is that we help each and every client bridge the gap between today and tomorrow, where they no longer have a need for our services and can give back to those who helped them achieve their dreams and goals!


Open Pantry Hours: M:5 -7pm | W & F: 10a - 12p | Located at: 6561 Station Road, West Chester, OH 45069 (Not Mailing Address)

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